In the Dojo

What to Expect

Classes always have a relaxed and fun atmosphere and are an excellent way to begin to learn & advance your knowledge of the grappling arts.

Our classes always begin with a general warm up including stretching & cardio work, break falling where you learn to fall in a certain way to prevent injury.

Once you are warmed up we will then work through a couple of throws, takedowns and practice blocking & striking techniques i.e. elbow, knee with a partner or using punch bags.

Ground work techniques are also taught for defence & attack

The last 30 minutes of the class ends up with live sparring either from stand up or from a kneeling position where you will get the opportunity to train with differing skill levels & nationalities.

Our Instructors are highly experienced black belts and pay close attention to the safety of their students, ensuring that you learn in a safe and secure environment.