Our senior instructors have been practicing martial arts for more than 20yrs, with some whom are black belt holders in a few martial arts. They are experienced instructors in Self-Defense and also experienced Full Contact tournament fighters, coaches, as well as referee in national and regional level competitions. With the extensive knowledge in the martial arts, we are able to provide instruction and advice, giving a well-rounded perspective to Ju-Jitsu and Self-Defense. All instructors are PA certified and are also certified in First Aid.


During training, all Instructors & Trainees will be in Gi (martial art uniform), or in certain required circumstances in Ju-Jitsu logo T-Shirt and track pants (or Gi pants)

No shoes or any footwear shall be worn during training, unless required to demonstrate a technique, or requested by instructor.

Safety & Precautions

  • For safety purposes, all trainees are advised to remove all jewelry (necklaces,
  • ring/earrings/hair clips etc) during training and keep nails trimmed.
  • First aid box is readily available nearby.
  • Trainees shall have sufficient water and have their meals at least 2 hours before training and rest time will be given in-between training for hydration.
  • Trainees are to report to instructors immediately, should they feel unwell or if they noticed anyone unwell at any time during training.
  • Trainees with injury shall not participate in training unless safe to do so certified by doctor/physician.
  • Trainees are to declare serious past medical history should there be any that may cause concern in training to ensure safety in training.
  • Trainees are not to do any technique(s) not taught by instructors.
  • Trainees are to behave themselves in proper manner while in training for the safety of themselves and fellow trainees.
  • Trainees are advised to wear proper protective equipment during free sparring
  • Martial Arts Protector Insurance for trainers and tournament participants.