Christmas Closure

Dear all Jitsukas!

Please note our Dojo will be closed from Saturday, 21st Dec 2013 to Saturday, 4th Jan 2014. Classes will resume from Sunday 5th Jan 2014.

The Jujitsu Association of Singapore wishes all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year..

Self Defence Course Update

Self Defence course is tentatively being suspended for the time being for an updated course. Course details will be released on our website as well as our facebook group and twitter channel.

Existing self defence course participants will join the beginner class..

JJIF Referee & Technical Course 2012, Tanglin Dojo

The JJIF Referee & Technical Course 2012 will be held at Tanglin Dojo from 28th Aug – 1st Sept 2012 Tanglin Dojo Singapore

JJIF Instructors:

Ms. Dana Mihaela Murgescu
JJIF General Secretary
JJIF World B Licence
Grand Master Joachim Thumfart
JJIF Sports Director
1998 World Championship
Mr. Constantin “Cory” Vacarenco
JJIF World A Licence
Romania Head Referee
27 Aug 2012 

28 Aug
29 Aug
30 Aug
31 Aug
1 Sep
2 Sep
9.30am – 12.30noon 


Arrival Theoretical Instructions of Fighting System (DVD, Sample Test Question) Theoretical Instructions of Newaza System (DVD , Sample Test Question) Theory Test for F/S and Duo 


Technical Instruction for Security & Police Fighting & Duo 


JJAS Instructors

12.30noon – 2.00 pm Arrival Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Departure
2.00  – 4.00 pm 



Arrival Theoretical Instructions of Duo System (DVD , Sample Test Question) Theory & Practical Test on Newaza Practical Test on Fighting System & Duo System Technical Instruction for Combat 


Inter-Club Friendly Tournament and Practical Test for Fighting System Departure
4.oo – 7.30pm Arrival Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break
7.30 – 9.30 pm 



Welcome Dinner Practical Training in Fighting System 

Changing between Parts Effectiveness in Part 1

Practical Training in Duo System & 

Fighting System

In Part 2

Practical Training in Newaza Changing between Part 2 and 3 Fighting System Effectiveness in Part 3 Fighting & Duo System , Newaza 

Review for JJAS Instructors

Farewell Dinner Departure


(including foreign nationals)
Referee Course & Exam 250 €
SGD 400
Referee Course (No Exam) 75 €
SGD 120
Technical Course Adults
(below 21 year old)
50 €
SGD 90

To apply, please download this form, to be completed and submitted by 15th August 2012 to their instructors.


Chris Mummery’s Experiences in Singapore Jujitsu ( as practised by Jujitsu Association Singapore )

My name is Chris Mummery and I hail from England .  I began training in Jujitsu in 19, in London .

I had the privilege of training in Twickenham London at the Anglo Japanese school of Ju-Jitsu. The school was formed in 1876  England by Sensei Raku then Sensei Mishiku headed up the school until 1972 when Sensei F.T. Perry was selected to carry on the teachings at the oldest established Ju-Jitsu school in Europe.

After 9 years of hard & dedicated training at the school I achieved my black belt from Sensei F T Perry who holds the rank of 6th Dan Kyoshi. The grading was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life and my greatest achievement. For me the black belt is now the start of my Ju-Jitsu studies as a senior student and every time I train I learn something new!

I moved to Singapore in June 2009 and immediately started to look for a Ju- Jitsu club which would allow me to continue training under the highest level of instruction and ensure that my journey of learning would continue. I am very fortunate that I found the Tanglin Ju- Jitsu club, which is affiliated to the Ju-Jitsu Association (Singapore) , where they teach a blend of traditional techniques combined with sport Ju- Jitsu.

Ju-Jitsu techniques are designed for both defensive and offensive purposes. Ju-Jitsu is not a gentle martial art because traditionally, Ju-Jitsu was practiced by the Samurai for combative purposes, where lives were at stake, not as an art or sport. Ju-Jitsu is both a grappling and a striking martial art, comprising a wide variety of techniques that include throwing, locking, striking, ground grappling (wrestling), punching, kicking and the use of small weapons. The Jujitsu Association ( Singapore ) has an unique practical, exciting and challenging syllabus that includes sport Ju- Jitsu & combat jujitsu which gives students the opportunity to learn traditional methods correctly but allow them to apply these techniques in national and international competitions. Classes always have a relaxed and fun atmosphere and are an excellent way to begin to learn & advance your knowledge of the grappling arts.

Our classes always begin with a general warm up including stretching & cardio work, & break falling where you learn to fall in a certain way to prevent injury.

Once you are warmed up we will then work through a couple of throws, takedowns and practice blocking & striking techniques i.e. elbow, knee with a partner or using punch bags.

Ground work techniques are also taught for defence & attack

The last 30 minutes of the class ends up with live sparring either from stand up or from a kneeling position where you will get the opportunity to train with differing skill levels & nationalities.

Our Instructors are highly experienced black belts and pay close attention to the safety of their students, ensuring that you learn in a safe and secure environment. The instructors are all proven martial artists having fought at national and international level in different martial arts and are fantastic teachers who can explain both the “how” and “why” of different techniques.

The benefits of Ju-Jitsu to me are numerous as well as fitness, flexibility & strength it has helped me tackle tough situations in both my business and personal life through mental toughness and strength of character.

I would recommend Ju-Jitsu to anybody as it has many benefits and will enhance the quality of your overall health well being. Give it a try !

Chris Mummery.