Our Syllabus & Grading System

We have developed our syllabus in accordance with guidelines suggested by JJIF, Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation & Swedish Ju-Jitsu Federation providing an extensive and well balanced curriculum module. Please refer to our Kyu grade syllabus and JJIF Syllabus attached. Currently for Dan grades we follow JJIF international standard syllabus.

Belt Rank Kyu Grade Time frame
White belt Grade 11 6 months
Yellow belt Grade 10 – 9 6 months
Orange belt Grade 8 – 7 6 months
Green belt Grade 6 – 5 6 months
Blue belt Grade 4 – 3 6 months
Brown belt Grade 2 -1 12 months
Belt Rank Dan Grade Time frame
Black belt SHODAN 1st Dan 24 months
Black belt NIDAN 2nd Dan 24 months
Black belt SANDAN 3rd Dan 36 months
Black belt YONDAN 4th Dan

An average trainee will require a minimum of 3.5yrs to achieve a Shodan (First Dan) awarded by JJAS. However, it is possible to achieve double promotions at Junior Kyu grades for trainees who demonstrated exemplary technical skills and good discipline.


No trainees are allowed to take their grading unless approval is given by their Instructor(s) and trainees must maintain a minimum attendance of 70%.

There will be no exemptions for direct black belt conversions from other martial arts

Grading is conducted every six (6) months. Every examination will require a minimum of two (2) examiners. Examiners are required to demonstrate their knowledge of the syllabus and show speed, power and skill in execution of the techniques. Their spirit and attitude are also taken into consideration..