Our Logo


Colors: Gold icon and text on black background

Size: Logo patch on GI/Uniform shall be 10.5cm diameter

Logo patch shall be worn on the left chest level of GI /Uniform


The Bamboo – symbol and heart of the Ju-Jitsu Association of Singapore

The groves of bamboo trunks in a circular form represent the philosophy of the Association. “Bamboo” the metaphorical representation of Ju-Jitsu, embodies precepts of suppleness of mind and body in dealing with adversity. The bamboo though ever-yielding is also very strong and will spring back vigorously because of its deep roots, just as Ju-Jitsu students must also be thoroughly rooted in the basics of our martial art.

The bamboo never grows alone, but in a grove. This is a reminder that to grow, we depend on and learn from each other. The grove also has bamboo of different ages represented by the different thickness of lines within the logo icon, depicting different generations helping each other grow.

The bamboo in a circular form signifies unity. A constant reminder to us to remain united in our purpose of perfecting our art, improving ourselves in mind, body and spirit, ultimately being able to contribute something of value to society.

The new logo’s emphasis was to create a more professional, traditional and established image for JJAS, without moving too far away from elements in our initial logo or depleting its original concept. Sans-serif fonts were used to enhance legibility. Colors selected are understated yet powerful.

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