Compliancy to Anti-Doping Singapore

Ju-Jitsu Association of Singapore “JJAS” would like to announce that we have recently agreed to the Statement of Anti-Doping Policy brought forward by Anti-Doping Singapore “ADS”

This is especially important for us to not only instil fair play, but to support the Values in Sports and uphold the Spirit of Sportsmanship.

We know this will motivate us further in our participation in National, Regional, and International level Tournaments in future.

Statement of Anti-Doping Policy               Scan

Links to their Rules, Policy, and Prohibited List are below;

Anti-Doping Policy

Anti-Doping Rules

2018 Prohibited List

Christmas Closure

Dear all Jitsukas!

Please note our Dojo will be closed from Saturday, 21st Dec 2013 to Saturday, 4th Jan 2014. Classes will resume from Sunday 5th Jan 2014.

The Jujitsu Association of Singapore wishes all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year..

Self Defence Course Update

Self Defence course is tentatively being suspended for the time being for an updated course. Course details will be released on our website as well as our facebook group and twitter channel.

Existing self defence course participants will join the beginner class..

JJIF Referee & Technical Course 2012, Tanglin Dojo

The JJIF Referee & Technical Course 2012 will be held at Tanglin Dojo from 28th Aug – 1st Sept 2012 Tanglin Dojo Singapore

JJIF Instructors:

Ms. Dana Mihaela Murgescu
JJIF General Secretary
JJIF World B Licence
Grand Master Joachim Thumfart
JJIF Sports Director
1998 World Championship
Mr. Constantin “Cory” Vacarenco
JJIF World A Licence
Romania Head Referee
27 Aug 2012 

28 Aug
29 Aug
30 Aug
31 Aug
1 Sep
2 Sep
9.30am – 12.30noon 


Arrival Theoretical Instructions of Fighting System (DVD, Sample Test Question) Theoretical Instructions of Newaza System (DVD , Sample Test Question) Theory Test for F/S and Duo 


Technical Instruction for Security & Police Fighting & Duo 


JJAS Instructors

12.30noon – 2.00 pm Arrival Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Departure
2.00  – 4.00 pm 



Arrival Theoretical Instructions of Duo System (DVD , Sample Test Question) Theory & Practical Test on Newaza Practical Test on Fighting System & Duo System Technical Instruction for Combat 


Inter-Club Friendly Tournament and Practical Test for Fighting System Departure
4.oo – 7.30pm Arrival Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break Dinner Break
7.30 – 9.30 pm 



Welcome Dinner Practical Training in Fighting System 

Changing between Parts Effectiveness in Part 1

Practical Training in Duo System & 

Fighting System

In Part 2

Practical Training in Newaza Changing between Part 2 and 3 Fighting System Effectiveness in Part 3 Fighting & Duo System , Newaza 

Review for JJAS Instructors

Farewell Dinner Departure


(including foreign nationals)
Referee Course & Exam 250 €
SGD 400
Referee Course (No Exam) 75 €
SGD 120
Technical Course Adults
(below 21 year old)
50 €
SGD 90

To apply, please download this form, to be completed and submitted by 15th August 2012 to their instructors.


Grading on 15th July 2012

There will be a grading examination on 15th July 2pm at Tanglin Community Club Dojo. Please obtain the grading form from the various club instructors to register for the grading.

Registrations closes by 30th June 2012..